Looks like we might be cranking out two documentaries this weekend. We’ll be talking to Tony Manfre, bay area pro skater and musician. He rides for Shut, WESC, Nike SB, Indy, HiFi Wheels, Guayaki, Atlas Skate Shop, Pleasant Hardware, and Grizzly Grip. On top of that, he lays down some great beats as a musician. Stay tuned for the video! 

The first documentary is going to be about Shawn Whisenant, a local bay area artist living and working in the Tenderloin. 

Shawn Whisenant is a born and raised San Francisco Bay Area artist whose art can be found lurking in the streets or galleries and museums across the USA, Australia, and Europe. He has been working on the streets of the Bay Area since the mid 1990ʼs, where his images continue to endure on walls, mailboxes, and other surfaces around the city. He enjoys making books and stickers, taking photos, painting signs, and moving about in the city’s shadows. In the streets and galleries, his work has seen many different forms. From rare-hand crafted books, to skateboard films and a signature pair of Osiris shoes, his creating doesn’t end with painting.”


A / V is a documentary series highlighting artists and musicians from San Francisco, Ca. These documentaries aim to bring awareness to up an coming artist and establish a sense of community through out the city. Hope you tune in!